Foil-Baked Potatoes With Salmon, Ricotta & Wild Fennel

Do I always say yum to every recipe I create?  Because this one is.  I sound like a salesman with a sales pitch like a broken record.  Love it, try it.  Love it, try it.  The three main players in this recipe will win you, I am sure, just like it did with me.  Putting together the smoked salmon and baked potatoes seemed just natural but when I started to whisk the ricotta creamed with chives, wild fennel, poppy seeds and lemon zest, I was caught off guard about how wonderful the combination came out. 

Why ricotta & cream?   I was desperate for some sour cream which I didn't have but I had these other two in the fridge.  I was forced to create my own version of sour cream alla fridge.  And was I so glad I did!  Like what I said, there was love.

The recipe of this one, as you have been used to being ping-ponged from my site to She Knows, is in that site.  I develop recipes for them and this one is one of them.  Click on this link to get the recipe or click on this link to go to my profile page where you can see the list of recipes created for them. 

Thank you and enjoy!