Savoring the Imprints of Great American Food at That's Amore Barbecue in Rome

That's Amore Barbecue doubles its presence in Rome after the success of its first restaurant in Talenti that was just opened in 2020. The new restaurant, located in Boccea at via Soriso, 13, is dressed in American diner style with a Harley Davidson motorcycle on display to boot. The American imprint of wood, bricks and iron is perceived as soon as you enter the 300-square meter place with a total of about 150 seats inside and outside. At the center, there is a large counter where you can taste draft beer and classic cocktails.

It's not a surprise to have another That's Amore branch opening because barbecue addicted or not, the food proposals at the restaurant, depicting the American cuisine, are received with an excellent feedback. Ribs, burgers, pulled pork, steaks, nachos, pastrami, lobster sandwiches, chicken wings, grilled meat in sword skewers, brownies, apple crunch, they comprise a thorough menu of what makes the American kitchen popular. It's a melting pot of ingredients, flavors and textures.

Co-owners Marco Vanni and Fabio Massimo Bongianni are both passionate about the American tradition. And for them, opening a new branch of That's Amore means bringing a project ahead that sees its strong point in the smoked roasting of good quality meat. Fabio is a chef who attended Ritz Escoffier Cooking School in Paris. After various experiences in the culinary sector, he created and managed one of the most successful steak houses in Rome: T-Bone Station. He is the chef behind Fabiolous Cooking Day, a restaurant and cooking class that offers a hands-on culinary experience.

What to Eat

The food proposals of That's Amore Barbecue revolves around the slow smoked barbecue capable of preserving the flavors and authenticity of traditional American dishes to which well-selected raw materials are utilized. Here, only cuts of meat characteristic of American cuisine are used, smoked then cooked slowly as tradition dictates. The wood used for smoking varies according to the type of meat, as well as the mixture of herbs and spices to obtain a tender meat.

The novelty of the Boccea restaurant is the introduction in the menu of Le Spade, succulent sword skewers of meat cooked on the grill. The Beef option is composed of Black Angus beef bites in barbecue sauce, smoked cheddar and bacon, while the Pork option is made up of smoked sausages and pancetta served with mustard sauce. Lastly, the Chicken option is marinated chicken served with yogurt sauce. The grilled meat doesn't end with the skewers for there are the Tomahawk which is about a kilo of Black Angus steak with the bone; Rib Eye Steak, half a kilo of Black Angus without bone and served with homemade mustard; Mississippi Queen Steak, a very tender cut of Black Angus with vegetable carbon. Smoked salmon, farm chicken, pork ribs, brisket, and short cut beef ribs also share their cooking on the grill.

There's an ample selection of barbecue burgers of about 200 grams of beef and their various sauces and components. Lobster sandwich is not to be missed in an American menu, as well as pulled pork sandwich. True to its American identity, there are mountains of nachos covered in cheddar cheese sauce, guacamole, jalapeno and sour cream; fried onions rings, fried chicken wings covered with spicy buffalo sauce and blue cheese sauce; roasted corn on the cob served with melted butter, salt and chives; baked potatoes; barbecued beans; and coleslaw.

What to Drink
Draft beer dispensers of Brooklyn Brewery, one of the most famous New York breweries, line up the bar counter. There is also an interesting selection of cocktails like the BBQ Spritz, a mixture of prosecco, white vermouth and BBQ bitter which gives it s smokey taste or That’s Amore, a mixture of Mezcal, passion fruit, lime, ginger and citron soda. Alongside the special cocktails, the drink list also includes great classics. 

That’s Amore Boccea

Via Soriso, 13
00166 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 06 68582478
Opening Hours: Open daily for lunch and dinner except Mondays