Bottega Tredici: Behind its Success is the Great Passion of Three Friends for Good Food

Roberto Bonifazi, Francesco Brandini and Daniele Gizzi are three friends who decided to give new life to a historical restaurant at the center of Rome in the ancient Roman ghetto. Because of their common passion for good food, these young men have embarked on a challenging undertaking by opening the worn-out wooden door of the old space at Via dei Falegnami, 14 and revived it with their own modern and characteristic restaurant. On October 2018, they opened the doors of their new place called Bottega Tredici.

The position of Bottega Tredici takes you to an ancient Roman neighborhood with irregular cobblestone alleys just a stone's throw away from Largo di Torre Argentina and Teatro Marcello. There are outdoor tables which are fully immersed in an authentic old Roman neighborhood, undisturbed by the rush of the principal roads nearby. The restaurant is accommodated in two levels where the small dining rooms rest on the ground floor while the kitchen occupies the upper floor. Checkered tiles in alternating colors interact perfectly with the informal furniture composed with a decorous style. The lamps in the shape of small barrels are the same ones where the wines were stored at the cellar below, which add to the characteristic warm atmosphere. 

Running the kitchen are Chefs Francesco and Roberto. They believe in a kitchen where the Italian culinary tradition stays rooted to the core combined with innovative ideas as applied with the current techniques. There is special attention to the choice of trusted suppliers and fresh raw materials which follow seasonality, are acquired daily every morning from the market of Piazza delle Coppelle. There is Orto di ClaPi, a young micro-farm near Martignano that deals with regenerative agriculture which enrich the dishes of Bottega Tredici with colorful and tasty fantasy. 

Friends from high school, both Francesco and Roberto began their culinary journey at A Tavola con lo Chef Culinary School in Rome. After which they separated ways with Francesco working at Michelin-starred Metamorfosi and a period at the elegant Hotel Eden for Roberto. Their professional paths crossed again at Casa Coppelle and Margutta in Rome. However, Francesco moved the luxurious Hotel Aman in Venice and Roberto at L'Officina Restaurant in Perugia. With a bag of experience and a great desire to create a new project together, they both returned to Rome and opened Bottega Tredici in October 2018 along with their other friend, Daniele who is a certified sommelier. Daniele, a Roman, has gained experience working in various places in the capital as well as completing his training as a sommelier. He is joined in the dining room by Mirit Cordella, Francesco's wife wherein they express an excellent concept of hospitality and attentive service.

Each meal begins with the homemade bread, a small loaf made with ancient grain flour, naturally leavened and highly hydrated served with specially-made flavored butter. The menu is composed of around four proposals per course, a pivotal aspect that shows how much the chefs give regard to the quality of work they devote to the dishes that they create. The service starts at lunch, then aperitif which starts at 18:00 and progresses to dinner. The aperitif menu has some interesting proposals between €6 to €8 per plate like the salty Maritozzi with Guacamole or Guinea Fowl, Fried Shrimp Skewers with Homemade Mayo, or the Picchiap├▓ Croquettes. The appetizers range between €13 to €16, pasta and risotto are between €14 to €19, main courses meat and fish are between €24 to €27 and the desserts between €9 to €11. There are two tasting menus: Vicoli di Roma which is composed of 4 courses is priced at €42 while the Via dei Falegnami, composed of 6 courses chosen by the chefs is at €60. You would find the dishes perfectly executed with the harmony of flavors, each complementing each other in the amalgamation of ingredients. It is perceptibly one of the few great dining experiences in the capital both in the kitchen and the service.

The wine menu has a wide range of proposals from natural to refined wines which are personally curated by Daniele Gizzi. There is the support of Les Caves de Pyrenes, a wine distributor which for years has pursued the philosophy of promoting carefully selected small territorial wineries that produce wines with great character which is perfectly in line with the identity of Bottega Tredici. 

Bottega Tredici

Via dei Falegnami, 14
00186 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0692118505