Junsei Sushi Restaurant Opens its 4th Branch in Rome at the Flaminio District

Junsei Sushi Restaurant has opened its 4th branch in Rome at the Flaminio district in Viale del Vignola, 9. Halfway between Piazzale Ponte Milvio and Piazza del Popolo, with a proximity to Auditorium Parco della Musica, MAXXI National Museum and the Teatro Olimpico, the restaurant aims to be a referral point in the neighborhood for both residents and visitors for a dependable choice of Japanese cuisine. The opening coincides with the 10th year anniversary of the first restaurant in the Testaccio district. The restaurant has a capacity of 48 in a pleasant dining room of intense blue velvet armchairs, golden tones and wooden tables and flooring. Outdoors, 24 can also be accommodated comfortably. It has a central sushi counter where it's possible to watch the sushi being prepared.

Junsei was born with the aim of providing an authentic experience of Japanese cuisine in a casual ambience. In the kitchen, a team of professionals has been selected with years of experience behind them in direct contact with the best Japanese sushimen and chefs. The result is an ample menu that focuses on a diversified kitchen of cooked dishes like noodles, rice and viands of meat and fish, raw selection of sushi and carpaccio prepared daily right at the moment of being ordered. The two-tier caddies of raw seafood like oysters, crustaceans, and sashimi are notable for their quality and freshness in their purest forms. Aside from the classic Dorayaki and Mochi, the delicious selection of yogachi desserts (of foreign influence) like the Green Tea Tiramis├╣, White Chocolate Cheesecake and Raspberry Cream are imperative to conclude the experience.

With a cornucopia of menu entries, there is a wide range of prices that go with them. Appetizers of traditional Japanese dishes start from €3 to €15, like a variety of gyoza, miso soup, edamame, or gunkan maguro. Carpacci, takaki and other raw seafood are between €2 for a single sea truffle to €19 for botanebi carpaccio (raw red shrimp). Fried dishes of vegetables and meat are between €4 to €14, cooked dishes of fish and meat on the griddle are between €10 to €20, noodles are between €8 to €16, and donburi bowls of rice, meat and vegetables are around €15. Chirashi are between €14 to €21, sashimi averages at €12 for 7 pieces, sushi between 4 to €10 for 2 pieces, sushi rolls between €9 to €26 for 8 pieces, and desserts at around €6.

Junsei Sushi Restaurant

Viale del Vignola, 9
00196 Flaminio, Rome
Tel: +39 06 69454037
Website: https://www.junsei.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JunseiSushiRoma
Open every day for lunch and dinner

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