Ristorante Trigu: Two Michelin Star Chef Anthony Genovese Lands in Sardegna

The new Trigu Restaurant in Sassari has recently seen a modification towards a contemporary style while keeping its Sardinian soul. Recently inaugurated, it is now under the guidance of Anthony Genovese, chef of two Michelin star Il Pagliaccio Restaurant in Rome. Trigu, which means wheat in the Sardinian language, evokes the traditions of a primeval culture, such as the ancient art of pasta entirely worked and drawn by hand, according to the culinary techniques handed down from generation to generation. It recalls the dreams of past times when the Sardinians toasted their guests "Salude e trigu", or health and wheat which is the best wish that someone could receive.

Claudio Putzulu and Anthony Genovese

Under the good auspices of the grain in Sardinia, Trigu Restaurant was reconceived by the proprietor Salvatore Marangoni. His idea is to revolutionize the restaurant as a fundamental destination in the island for fine dining with the imprint of a starred chef, Anthony Genovese. The restaurant's makeover was an intense restyling of contemporary themes such as the partial use of recycled materials as evidenced by the cement tiles that pave the entrance, or the counter of an old carpenter which is perfectly framed making up the open kitchen. The colors and furnishings are reminiscent of details of the land, wheat and the centuries-old art of pasta making, a touch of excellent taste of Sardinian identity is the presence of some works of the internationally-renowned Sardinian artist, Angelo Maggi, and an open cellar area that has over 400 labels. 


"Together with Salvatore Marangoni and executive chef Claudio Putzulu, we wanted to start from the Sardinian territory," said Chef Genovese. "By deepening my knowledge of Sardegna and combining it with my experience with international cuisine, we have made it possible to put in every dish a journey. I signed the culinary proposal of Trigu, refined and elegant but of great substance: I wanted to respect the generosity of the Sardinians and their smile, making a proposal that was recognizable to them, and at the same time also spoke to others in a modern way. An example of this evolution is the Culurgiones that we have proposed in the menu: this traditional ravioli has a variant in which it is cooked on the griddle and instead of the typical sauce, it is served with pork broth, herbs, soy stock and raw spring onion. It is a culurgiones that has traveled until Tokyo and discovered the taste of Gyoza. Trigu will be a place to which Sardinia will travel like this in the world".

Anthony Genovese has reinterpreted traditional Sardinian dishes, restructuring them into contemporary proposals with international flair which will be developed together with the Executive Chef of the Trigu, Claudio Putzulu.

"Being able to undertake this very important path in my land is a reality greater than a dream," said Executive Chef Putzulu. "After working for years alongside Chef Roberto Serra and having learned techniques and cuisines from around the world, I had the unique opportunity to work at close contact with Chef Genovese: I went to his restaurant, Il Pagliaccio, where for months I have seen live the chef at work, discovering a special person. It is a complex challenge but exciting that we launch with Trigu, or serving a cuisine linked to the territory and the respect for raw materials, in a new and more global interpretation."

"I have the dream that Trigu will be a reference center for producers, companies, artists, collaborators, all those who want to make Sardinia even bigger. I wanted to make sure that my land could truly be a hub of activity, not just for local people local, but for all the food and wine culture. We have already done a lot in such a difficult period. We will do even more for Sassari's future," concludes Marangoni.

The price range of the menu proposals are as follows: Appetizers (€18 to €23), Pasta (€18 to €24), Fish and Meat Main Course (€20 to €28), and the Desserts (€10 to €14). There are three tasting menus: La Storia which consists of 5 courses at €65 with an option of wine pairing at €50; Ispirazione which consists of 7 courses at €85 and the wine pairing at €65; and lastly, the Mano Libera consisting of 9 courses at €105 and €86 for the wine pairing. Expect a very interesting menu of restructured Sardinian plates with contemporary flair like the Culurgiones with Roasted Tomatoes and Thai Broth, or the local Ischidu cheese with Pear, Thyme, Pimpinella and Flowers.

Ristorante Trigu

Via Roma, 58
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Tel. +39 079 4137069
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