The Meat Market Doubles in Rome: The Second Restaurant Opens in Piazza Bologna

More knives are sharpened, roaring fires are lighted up in more grills, tables are set up and cutlery is polished. Having experienced success in the Testaccio district of Rome, The Meat Market owners Anita Nuzzi and Vito Fiusco decided to expand and open a new branch across the city in the Nomentano district. Considered as a destination for all carnivores in Rome, the Meat Market is a kind of restaurant that is reminiscent of an American steakhouse that carries the Italian customs and features its Apulian origins.

The Meat Market was born from the idea of the two entrepreneurs of Apulian origin with the aim of introducing a range of meat products with the best quality, a selection of Apulian dishes and wine. Being the main concept of the kitchen, the meat are served in different forms, kinds and ways of cooking where they find their maximum expression. It is every serious carnivore's world where different kinds of meat come from the producer to the customer. From the temperature-controlled counter, the cuts, breeds and origin of the raw material can be chosen personally by the client. It's a world tour in discovering the meats that come from Spain, U.S., Argentina and various Italian regions like Piedmont, Marche and Puglia. In the temperature-controlled aging refrigerator, there is also a selection of dry aged beef between 30 to 90 days, a method that makes the enzymes within the meat break down the molecular bonds and as a result, alter the flavor and texture of the meat. The meat become more tender and the flavors complex and pronounced.

"We strongly believe in the traditions and agri-food products of our region," explains Fiusco. "Even from here, the link with our territory is fundamental, which is why we import products from Puglia from many small local producers who have known the reality of The Meat Market and fully embrace its philosophy. The result is to bring healthy and genuine food products to the table, as well as good."

The first restaurant in the Testaccio district opened in July 2018 where it immediately received an overwhelming success that opening another restaurant in another section of the capital was the next step needed in spite of the challenges of the current pandemic period. The Meat Market is a casual place that accommodates 50, reflects a minimal industrial urban style characterized by the recovery of spaces of former warehouses with the use of metal and raw wood.

"We challenge this period by opening a second The Meat Market to give a strong signal in a moment that we know is very difficult for catering. Compared to the past, we have decided to put our face to give, with this new opening, 'stronger identity to our idea of catering,"
says Nuzzi. 

Aside from the various kinds of meat available at The Meat Market, the proposals from appetizers to desserts are equally irresistible. Among the Appetizers (€6 to €18), there are dishes that strongly suggest its Apulian roots which are the Burrata Pugliese with tomato extract and confit and the Frisella with the burrata stracciatella and jamon serrano.The Fried Chicken Sticks, Pulled Pork Croquettes and the Selection of Cured Meat and Cheese are also delicious ways to start a meal. From the appetizers, the selection goes straight to the meat which is the highlight of the menu. Special mention goes to the Burgers (€10 to €17) with an average of 200 grams of beef, a couple made with chicken, the Hamburger Ginger, and pork, Hamburger Pulled Pork. Cruditè (€11 to €14) is a selection of beef tartare and carpaccio served in different ways. Salads (€7 to €10) are also available as well as Vegetable Side Dishes´(€5) to accompany the meat dishes. Desserts are at an average of €7.

The Meat (€10 to €22) includes beef steaks, chicken, duck and pork are served in interesting ways of cooking like the Chicken Fajitas, Pork Apulian Bombette served with sautèed broccoli raab, Beef Tataki marinated in soy sauce, caramelized onions and teriyaki sauce. There are also different kinds of beef like the Wagyu with its particular marbling and the Galician Rubia Gallega characterized by its thick and intense yellow colored fat. The Dry Aged Beef (€40 to €55 per 1 kilo) are accompanied with baked potatoes and sautèed vegetables.

The novelty at the new branch of The Meat Market in Piazza Bologna is the introduction of the cocktail bar which complies with the increasing trend of the area and which also reflects the international personality of the restaurant. The cocktail proposals of the drink list revolve around the diversity of the tastes of the dishes in the menu.

The Meat Market Piazza Bologna

Via Ravenna, 30
Tel: +39 06 44290319

The Meat Market Testaccio

Via Marmorata, 157
Tel: +39 388 9819245

Open daily from 11:30 onwards (check current opening hours)