An Italian Culinary Journey That Highlights Piedmont at Ditirambo Restaurant in Rome

Signifying a poem in praise of wine and love in Italian literature, Ditirambo, as the name means, is a restaurant that attributes its kitchen to the love of Italian food and wine. Born in 1996 from the value of good eating and drinking, partners Beatrice Gazzelloni, Edoardo "Dado" Micozzi, who had had experience at Roman wine bar Enoteca Cavour 313, and Luca Tenderini, Ditirambo is a second restaurant that the three entrepreneurs opened together. The first being Hosteria Grappolo d'Oro, a restaurant right across the street which serves genuine Italian cuisine. The central location of both restaurants at Piazza della Cancelleria make them just a few steps from Campo de' Fiori and a few hundred meters from Piazza Navona.

A referral point for tourists and locals, Ditirambo takes you on a 360° journey around Italy with a particular stop at Piedmont region where the chef is originally from. The kitchen is under the direction of Antonio Giordano, a chef who has had over twenty years of experience in the cities of Turin at I Canottieri Restaurant, and Rome specifically at the Michelin-starred Chef Cristina Bowerman's restaurants, Romeo Chef & Baker and as Sous Chef of Romeo all'Emporio, Ginger and Frida. The dining area instead is handled by Daniele Gennaro.

Roman pasta dishes are always present in the menu, perhaps embellished with some touches of the chef such as Sichuan pepper in the Spaghetti alla Carbonara or shavings of black truffles in the Half Rigatoni alla Gricia. The menu consists of dishes that take you from Sicily to Valle d'Aosta which follows the seasons and the raw products that characterize them like the Sardinian Roasted Suckling Pig with Potatoes or the Homemade Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe.

The menu starts with the Appetizers (€9 to €15) like the Vitello Tonnato con Salsa all'Antica Piemontese (Slice of Veal with Piedmont-Style Tuna Sauce) or the Creamed Codfish with Puntarelle and Anchovies. Aside from the classic entries of Pasta (€11 to €16), there are also the Piedmontese Handmade Tajarin Pasta with Sausage Ragù and the Agnolotti del Plin (small ravioli stuffed with beef and pork) with Roasted Brown Sauce. The Main Dishes (€14 to €17) are mostly meat-based like the Beef Cheeks in Montepulciano Wine or the Beef Braised with Nebbiolo WIne while the Desserts (€2 to €7) are from classics like the Homemade Tiramisù and the Ricotta and Sour Cherry Pie. If the proposals of dishes at Ditirambo takes your palate all over Italy, the wine list selected by wine expert Dado Micozzi takes you around the wine routes of the country too. But he goes even beyond the borders because there are also labels from Chile, Lebanon and France.

Instead, for a full immersion of the Piedmontese cuisine, an Italian region located in the northern part of the country that borders with France and Switzerland which is known for its refined cuisine and wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco, Chef Giordano presents a Tasting Menu of their classic dishes with two glasses of wine at €40. Vitel Tunnè (cold slices of veal with creamy sauce flavored with tuna), Agnulot del Plin (small ravioli stuffed with beef and pork), Tajarin Fatto a Mano con Ragù di Sautissa (ribbon-like pasta with sausage ragù), Brasà al Nebbiolo con Funghi (beef braised with Nebbiolo wine and mushrooms) and Bònet (typical pudding of Turin with amaretto cookies and cocoa).  

“With this menu I want to make you go on a journey that is a daydream, at a time when it is difficult to move, with a decidedly winter menu that would make you think of a tour in the Langhe. I also want to pay homage to my masters, those who taught me to cook starting from these recipes and who trusted me by making me grow professionally,” says Chef Giordano.


Piazza della Cancelleria, 74
00186 Rome, Italy
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