Rhinoceros Entr'acte: The Rooftop Restaurant of Palazzo Rhinoceros of Alda Fendi Esperimenti in Rome

Inspired by the atmosphere of Out of Africa, a novel written by Karen Blixen, Rhinoceros Entr'acte is the restaurant of the six-storey Palazzo Rhinoceros of the Alda Fendi Esperimenti Foundation. The historical building sitting next to the only surviving 4th century quadrifrons triumphal arch in Rome, the Arch of Janus, was redesigned inside by award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel. Palazzo Rhinoceros stands on the philosophy of fostering art, hospitality and gastronomy. Two of its floors are dedicated to exhibitions of artistic and cultural proposals while the rest of the building houses the 24 luxury apartments of The Rooms of Rome. On its last floor, Rhinoceros Entr'acte is spread out in the space indoors and on the terraces that present a 360-degree view of the capital especially the Forum Boarium.

The kitchen of is Rhinoceros Entr'acte is directed by Alessandro Circiello, a chef who advocates a cuisine of a right balance between tradition and new gastronomic concept but over everything, pronouncing the lightness and nutritional value of the dishes. The result is a creative local cuisine, revisited, which leaves room for preparations combined with products of various origins which always respects the fundamental rules of culinary ethics. He has created a stimulating well-structured menu that impresses the honesty of the ingredients and delicacy of flavors.

Alessandro Circiello is a well-known Italian chef, book author and expert in healthy diets who was born in Rome. He has appeared in a number of television broadcasts about health and cooking and he is actively involved in initiatives and projects of both private companies and governmental ministries with the aim of underlining the importance of the health values of the food that we eat. Professional experiences had taken him around to several kitchens of luxury hotels like the Hotel Lord Byron in Rome alongside masters of Italian cuisine after graduating from hotel school then further enhancement of his education at the Higher Institute of Culinary Arts Etoile in Venice. Restaurants outside Italy were beneficial to his training as he became a sous chef at the Restaurant La Coquille in Luxembourg and the historical Au Crocodile Restaurant in Strasbourg, France. Later on he opened his restaurant, Tagliacozzo in the province of l'Aquila. He also collaborated as Executive Chef and Consulting Chef of Boscolo Grand Hotel Palace, Grand Hotel Plaza and Boscolo Grand Hotel Exedra. He is also the President of the Italian Federation of Chefs of the Lazio Region and a professor of Restaurant Management at Luiss Business School in Rome.

The menu he creates is very approachable with focus on the genuineness of the ingredients. The dishes are creative enough but do not waver far from traditional plates that we are familiar with. The quality of ingredients, freshness, delicacy of flavors and balance of nutritive values are the indication of what his philosophy of cooking stands for and you will perceive this straightforwardness on the table. Four entries with meat, fish and vegetables per course are proposed. The appetizers are between €18 to €20, pasta dishes are between €18 to €24, main courses are around €25, salads at around €14 and desserts between €10 to €14. The wine labels are from different regions of Italy plus a number of Champagne labels. The service is attentive and swift and can get warm too.

Rhinoceros Entr'acte

Palazzo Rhinoceros
Via dei Cerchi, 19-23
00184 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 066798902
Email: info@rhinocerosentracte.com
Website: https://www.rhinocerosentracte.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhinocerosentract