A Touch of New Nordic Cuisine at Carter Oblio Restaurant in Rome

An opening of a restaurant in the midst of the pandemic when the food sector is in a cumbersome period takes a robustness in conviction. Chef Ciro Alberto Cucciniello had a lot of keenness in taking out his idea of contemporary cooking. With the support of life partner Joana Razmyte who directs the dining room, and business partner Dea Cucciniello, the completed project opened its doors to the capital in November 2020 bearing the anagram of the chef's first two names. The minimalist decor of wood, stone and iron in neutral shades of gray and brown gives way to what is the real protagonist in the restaurant, the dishes. Because the aim of the tasting experience is not to distract from what is on the table.

After attaining a degree in Economics, Cucciniello started to devote himself to the culinary arts and made his debut as part of Chef Davide Scabin's kitchen team and worked in the kitchen of Ristorante Settembrini in Rome and various international experiences. The desire to create a kitchen full of strength and authenticity became prevalent in his goal. Carter Oblio became a reality where the cuisine became a narration of the chef's past entangled with memories and palate. Putting together the myriad flavors tasted from diverse cities, years of studies, portentous memories from the cooking a grandmother, youthful curiosity, and growing up with vegetable gardens.

Cucciniello's concept of cuisine is greatly influenced by New Nordic Cuisine which has particular attention to natural and seasonal local raw materials. He has adapted a prevalent approach to some old techniques like smoking and fermenting, typical in the Nordic countries. Starting from the bread, which also has a smoked variant, to the appetizers and desserts, your palate will be opened to new sensations of tastes and blending of consistencies. There is also a particular attention to the product excellences of Irpinia, a district of the Apennine Mountains in the southern Campania region of Italy like the extra virgin oil made with a native cultivar, Ravece known for its aromatic notes of fruits, herbs and green tomatoes. Carter Oblio is not only a restaurant but also a producer of the raw materials that are being introduced at the restaurant. Bread and cheese are currently being produced and sometime soon, as well as the cured meat. It's a cuisine that doesn't have boundaries and has a solid foundation of inspiration and knowledge. Cooking is about playing with flavors and consistencies as enjoyment runs through every single creation.

Carter Oblio offers two kinds of menus. One with a more seasonal imprint and one in continuous evolution, practically daily, which is based on the constant procurement of quality raw materials. The meals begin with a platter of a variety of bread that are based on a selection of doughs of sourdough starters with bitter cocoa, nuts and smoked flour. The menu has four proposals of fish and meat per course that will be changing often. Appetizers are between €10 to €12, pasta and risotto dishes are between €14 to €16, main courses are between €14 to €18, and desserts at €7. There are two options of Tasting Menus, one of which is comprised of 2 tasting dishes, a dessert and a glass of wine (€30) and the second one comprised of 3 tasting dishes, a dessert and 2 glasses of wine (€40). 

The most notable dish is the Crudo, Stracotto e Bruciato (Raw, Extra Cooked and Burned), an appetizer of beef in three forms - raw, extra cooked and scorched with radicchio tardivo, a harmonious blend of flavors that are scaled from the freshness of the raw meat to the smokiness of the scorched part to the tastiness of the extra cooked meat with its juices. The Guancia, Purè di Sedano Rapa, Carciofi e Topinambur (Beef Cheeks, Celeriac Purèe, Artichoke and Jerusalem Artichoke) is cooked to a very good point of tenderness with a tasty balance of the supporting ingredients.

The wine list of Carter Oblio was created with the collaboration of Luigi Tecce, a representative of the fourth-generation of a family of winemakers in the area of Irpinia.
Joana Razmyte was clearly inspired by an exceptional wine adviser with the compilation of wines that best accompany the dishes of the chef, coming from well-known wine estates and small wine producers.

Carter Oblio

Via Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, 21

00193 Rome, Italy

Tel: 39 391 4649097

Email: carter.oblio@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Carter-Oblio-111183440744914

Open daily for lunch (for updated opening times, check their Facebook page)

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