Restaurant Vohn Krali Aed in Tallinn, Estonia: Embassy of Pure Food

Von Krahli Aed is not your typical restaurant. It's a place where the dishes are made with natural organic raw materials. The chefs are inspired by plants, as they want to portray their unique kitchen. They are proud to be known as the Embassy of Pure Food because the ingredients that they prefer to use are local and organic to create well-balanced dishes ennobling vegetal products. The kitchen enhances the pleasure from fresh and pure food. But it is not just a vegetarian restaurant because they also cater to guests with different dietary needs as well as the ones who would like to have fish and meat in their dishes. 

The restaurant is situated inside a historical building from the Renaissance period at the center of Tallinn. The atmosphere is rustic elegant with old wooden beams in the ceiling against a backdrop of whitewashed walls. A melange of rustic wooden tables paired with Neoclassical chairs. It's a kind of place where the warmth embraces its diners but without losing touch on its touch of refinement.

Being predominantly meat-based, Estonian cuisine is not so friendly with the ones who want are more inclined to appreciate vegetables in their plates. And that is where Von Krahli Aed enters. There's a variation of possibilities for everyone in their menu but still enjoying the Estonian tradition. Do expect organic all the way until their selection of wines.

The menu is of course seasonal, based on the availability of the fresh ingredients that are used. Appetizers are priced at €7 to €14, the latter being Landscape, a selection of tastes of Estonia. There is also a platter of a selection of local cheeses from small dairy farms served with pear jam and dark bread crisps at €9. There are also a couple of options for soup like the soup of the day at €5 or the traditional clear fish soup with cod, trout, herring roe and quail egg at €7. Main courses are generous between €12 to €19.50, the latter being seared beef fillet with mushroom cream and warm summer vegetable salad. Desserts (€5 to €9) are quite interesting like the bay leaf creme brulèe and blueberry spirit (€6.50) and the selection of local cheeses from small dairy farms at €9.

Vohn Krali Aed

Address: Rataskaevu 8
10130 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: 372 58593839