AC Lounge Marriott Riga, Latvia: Cocktails and Dining at the Art Nouveau District

Garden sofas line up the external front area of Marriott Hotel in Riga. Its AC Lounge is an inviting and refined sitting area where meals and drinks are best enjoyed while watching the vibrant activities of the Art Nouveau district go by. The convenient location of the hotel at Dzirnavu Street lets you escape the noise of the central zone of the old town of Riga but without going too far from it. A position just a few minutes walk from the old town, Marriott stands close to Elisabetes and Alberta streets where the magnificent Art Nouveau architectural designs by Mikhail Eisenstein can be viewed, as well as the Latvian National Museum of Art at the border Bastejkalns Park and other main attractions. Restaurants, cafes, bars and gourmet shops are also within walking distance.

The AC Lounge is a hotel restaurant where a pleasing stop for a quick business lunch can be enjoyed with affordable prices at €3 for the salads, soups and desserts and €5.50 for the main courses. It's also a pleasant and relaxing place for dinner and outdoor cocktails with traditional Spanish tapas.

AC Lounge Marriott Hotel
Address: Dzirnavu Street, 33

Riga, LV 1010, Latvia

Tel: +371 67142740