Surprising Gourmet Kitchen at La Fornarina Restaurant in Tivoli, Italy

You can easily understand chefs when their passion overwhelms them. They have an infectious enthusiasm that they transmit through their impeccable dishes. Perfect little details, rich combinations of colors, exploration on novel integration of flavors, playing with consistencies. The kitchen of La Fornarina has the unexpected side that Chef Simone Mancini reveals with his stimulating creations. Putting his respect on the seasonality of the ingredients, he brings forth a kitchen with vibrant tastes at the peak of their maturation. He has progressed with his professional career in some of the kitchens of the restaurants in Tivoli.

La Fornarina, housed in a historical building, is located in the heart of the old center of Tivoli. It occupies an expansive space that can accommodate 90 guests which is divided into three dining rooms. Cozy country style with wooden tables, wrought iron, cheerfully colored walls, designed floor tiles and casually bunched fresh flowers on every table, it evokes warmth and friendliness where you immediately feel right at ease. It was brought forth as an idea of six friends which includes the chef, who wanted to create their niche in the gastronomic scene. And in March 2018, they started their adventure.

La Fornarina is not just a restaurant but it also functions as a pizzeria wherein Pizzamaker Duilio Girotto takes the role of consultant. An accomplished pizzaiolo or pizzamaker, he was a winner and now currently functioning as a judge at the Salsamaggiore World Pizza Championship, he also teaches in a number of schools in Rome and collaborates with Gambero Rosso and Coquis. The pizza menu of La Fornarina was developed by him, from the classic recipes to the gourmet versions. 

Some of Simone's notable dishes are the Smoked Scallop with Guanciale, Jerusalem Artichoke and Mango Mayonnaise (€13), Tripe with Red Shrimp, Sponge Bread and Citrus Fruit, Deconstructed Aubergine Parmigiana with Burrata, and Tuna Tartare with Cantabrico Anchovy, Ginger, Poppy and Extract of Red Onions (€13) and his original version of Apple Crumble. Having a seasonal kitchen, some of the dishes in my tasting can be not available in the menu.


La Fornarina

Piazza Palatina, 8

00019 Tivoli, Italy

Tel: +39 0774 312786 / +39 393 9165847 - Michele / +39 349 735 3667 - Mariavincenza


Open daily for lunch and dinner