In Fucina Restaurant's 10th Year Anniversary with Host Restaurant in Rome

Ten years have passed since Edoardo Papa opened In Fucina Pizzeria Restaurant in Rome.  A decade's activity with an accumulation of accolades and being considered as one of the best pizzerias in the capital is not just a day of celebration because the festivities has just started for a program of a months-long four-hands dinners with special guest chefs. After the initial celebration last 8 March 2019 with Giancarlo Casa Chef Patron of La Gatta Mangiona, another pizzeria that parallels the pizzas of In Fucina, 19 March instead was dedicated to seafood.

The second of the series of four-hands dinners was celebrated with Alessandro Capponi, Chef Patron of Host Restaurant in Fiumicino. For the evening, the two chefs concocted a menu wherein each of them prepares dishes from appetizers to desserts. The fun part is when both chefs had to improvise with their creations by using the ingredients proposed by one chef for another. Edoardo created a pizza with the ingredients proposed by Alessandro which were crustaceans, shrimp, cuttlefish ink and oyster leaves while Alessandro composed a main dish using the ingredients supplied by Edoardo which were tuna, capers, olives and tomatoes.

All the dishes that were schemed by both chefs in the menu were paired with the wines of Pasqualino Di Prisco of Cantina Di Prisco. The winery is located in Irpinia in the province of Avellino in Campania. In the 13 hectares of land specified for viticulture, he produces Coda di Volpe, Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and Aglianico.


Wine: Di Prisco Coda di Volpe 2017
Edoardo: Mortadella of caramote prawns with pistachios
Alessandro: Imperial blackfish, cream of rice with wasabi, 'nduja powder and soy sauce jelly

Pasta Dishes:

Wines: Di Prisco Greco di Tufo Pietrarosa 2017 and Di Prisco Greco di Tufo Pietrarosa 2015
Edoardo: Spaghettone cooked with crustacean broth, with tuna tartare, powder of capers, Taggiasche olives and dried tomato sauce
Alessandro: Fettucine with cream of fresh spring peas, cuttlefish and crispy Cinta Senese organic guanciale

Main Dishes:

Wines: Di Prisco Fiano Rotole 2017, Di Prisco Irpinia Campi Taurasini 2015, Di Prisco Taurasi 2012 and Di Prisco Taurasi 2005
Edoardo: Pizza with shellfish jus, raw shrimp, powdered squid ink with black pepper and oyster leaves
Alessandro: Mackerel with cacciatora seafood sauce, red cabbage with honey vinegar and crunchy Tuscan kale


Wines: Di Prisco Taurasi 2012 and Di Prisco Taurasi 2005
Focaccia and Formaggio di Fossa


Wine: Santadi Latinia
Edoardo: Zeppole of St. Joseph baked in wood oven, pastry cream and cherry compote
Alessandro: Light tiramisù

The schedule of the upcoming four-hands dinners is as follows:

27 March 2019 with Chef Davide Boggian of Handmade in Fregene
3 April 2019 with Chef Rosario Malapena of Albos Club in Fregene
10 April 2019 with Chef Roberto Campitelli of Osteria di Monteverde in Rome
13 May 2019 with Chef Gianfranco Pascucci of Pascucci al Porticciolo in Fiumicino

In Fucina

Via Giuseppe Lunati, 27/31

00149 Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 5593368

Open for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays only / dinner from Tuesdays to Saturdays

Closed on Sunday dinner and Mondays

Host Restaurant

Piazza Gen. C. Alberto dalla Chiesa angolo Via Sandro Pertini

00054 Fiumicino, Italy

Tel: +39 92597477


Open for lunch and dinner except Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Cantina Di Prisco

C. Da Rotole, 27

83040 Fontanarosa (AV), Italy