Savoring the Historical Tuscan Dishes at Ristorante Baghino in Prato, Italy

Ristorante Baghino is one of Prato’s historical restaurants that showcases the excellent culinary tradition of Prato. It was opened almost 150 years ago by the Pacetti family and it is currently managed by sisters Silvia and Guia, daughters of Franco Pacetti. Located at the heart of Prato center, the spacious restaurant maintains a charming old rustic Tuscan atmosphere with vaulted ceilings and vintage furnishings. It is very popular among the locals for their unparalleled local dishes.

Abiding by their family’s famous recipe traditions which is a classic dish in Prato, they serve one of the best Sedani Ripieni alla Pratese, stuffed celery with their own ragù made of duck and beef meat and cooked for four days. From the time the restaurant was initially opened in 1870, their stuffed celery has always had quite an enthusiastic demand among the locals. 

The menu attests the Prato's history and the valuable voyage of the evolution of gastronomic culture. The kitchen maintains a very classic approach to the traditional dishes of soups, pasta dishes, and meat. There is evident attention to the choice of local ingredients used. Aside from the stuffed celery, the Ravioli with Spinach and Pecorino Cream and the Farinata with Tuscan Cabbage are highly recommendable, as well as the Pesche di Prato, (Peaches from Prato), the typical round brioche filled with custard cream and soaked with alkermes liqueur resembling the shape and skin of peaches.

Ristorante Baghino

Via Accademia, 9 / 13

59100 Prato, Italy

Tel: +39 0574 27920
Open for lunch and dinner daily except Sundays and Monday lunch