Sala della Comitissa in Civita Castellana: Destination Restaurant Outside Rome

There are countless reasons why Sala della Comitissa Ristorante should be your next destination for that kind of dining experience that you only aspire to have. It's located in a historical building from the 16th century with a network of rooms, a big underground wine cellar where hundreds of wine bottles are waiting to be tasted, a garden courtyard, an indoor fountain, an outstanding chef, and the 2016 Best Sommelier of Italy serving you. And to make it even better, it is located in Civita Castellana, a beautiful ancient hamlet just 60 kilometers north of Rome.

Sala della Comitissa moved to their new address in Civita Castellana in May 2018 after eight years of activity in the town of Baschi in the Umbria region. With a number of loyal clientele growing and having established their aptitude for professional hospitality, Sommelier Maurizio Dante Filippi and Chef Edi Dottori decided to go for a more significant project by moving to a sizeable place in the center of Civita Castellana. The new location boasts of two dining rooms for Sala della Comitissa, a spacious underground cellar where private wine tastings are conducted, and Lieviti  9/19 Bistrot that's open for lunch.

After working in a completely different sector for two decades, Edi changed gears and moved towards the world of restaurants after formalizing her education in a culinary school in Perugia and getting her skills tuned up in Umbrian restaurants. With Chefs Igles Corelli and Salvatore Tassa as her inspirational masters in the kitchen, her culinary path took on a solid ground towards the opening of Sala della Comitissa. Partnered with Maurizio, the other pillar in the dining room who greets their guests, dining at Sala della Comitissa is an impeccable and noteworthy experience. 

The cuisine is mainly inspired by Italian classics, embracing the tradition but with lots of room for innovation. High quality ingredients from both land and sea are used in Edi's cooking which focuses much on the distinguishable characteristics of each. Uniquely combined but without overpowering each other, familiar but dynamic, a kitchen that progresses more to reach out to the palates of the guests and respect for materials. The menu changes every fortnight with just a number of entries from appetizers to desserts. The wines of Maurizio, around 400 of which come from small to medium producers that have the capacity to take out the excellence nature's provision and their work in their bottles. There is also an available tasting menu of 8 surprise courses which are not in the daily menu called Ci Pensa Edi (Edi Will Think About It). If you choose to have the menu paired with the right wines (about €100 per person), then behold, the experience goes to a much higher level!

With one of the best sommeliers of the country and an excellent chef working to please their guests' palates, there's no room for doubt that Sala della Comitissa is a different kind of enogastronomic voyage. 

Sala della Comitissa Ristorante

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 23

01033 Civita Castellana (VT), Italy

Tel: +39 0761 1575541