The New Enoteca of Eataly in Rome, Italy

The Enoteca of Eataly has always been a great referral point to get excellent wines in Rome. Recently, it got a facelift with a wider and pivotal vocation with wines. Eataly has always been a proponent of known and lesser known producers that reflect the richness and varieties of the terroir of Italy. With this new conception, they realized an Enoteca with the three fundamental specialties: grande (grand), Romano (Roman) and verde (green).

Grand. The Enoteca has more than 250,000 bottles featured in the shelves. There are the big names, both Italian and international, that we are all familiar as well as the small producers. With the project called Vivaio di Eataly which was founded in 2016, its goal is to give value to the small first-generation Italian producers through research and visibility.

Roman. Because of Eataly's location in the capital, the Enoteca gives special attention to the wines of the area, which is the region of Lazio. There are 21 wineries with over 130 wine labels and over a thousand bottles on display that are available for sale. It's a great chance to get to know the terroir of the region with the indigenous grape varieties to the international ones, as well as the great wines of Lazio that tells us their specific stories. Lazio is a developing region with high potentiality in oenology and to highlight this, the Enoteca has allocated a particular spot for Lazio wines.

Green. With the growing popularity and importance of wines produced according to the philosophy close to nature, in the shelves of the Enoteca, there are more than 1,500 labels that are organic and biodynamic wines.

Affordability and quality are foremost in Eataly so at the Enoteca, it is also respected. The prices start from €2.50 per liter of the vino sfuso (bulk wine) whereas more than 500 wine labels remain below €10. Whereas for the wine experts, there are also the international and local heavyweights with their important vintages like the Borgogno Barolo Riserva 1961, Gaja Sorì San Lorenzo, Vincent Girardin Bâtard Montrachet and Jacques Confuron Romannée Saint-Vivant Grand Cru. It's definitely the place where winelovers, from the beginners to the congnoscentes, have the opportunity to choose their wines in the wide range of proposals in available in the shelves.

Another new area of the Enoteca is the space dedicated to the sparkling wines, Le Bollicine. Here you can choose among the best exponents of the Classic Method of renowned spumante and champagne producers. 

Learning is another focal point of the Enoteca. There is a classroom dedicated to wine tastings and short courses given by sommeliers dedicated to the ones who are willing to take one step more to enrich their wine knowledge. For the program, check their site.

In addition to wine, there are three more spaces in the Enoteca. The Pane e Vino (Bread and Wine), Osteria and the Caffè Vergnano. The Pane e Vino, integrated with Caffè Vergnano, is a place where it is possible to taste a glass of wine among a good selection and pair them with the perfect accompaniment from their menu. To take out the best characteristics of the wine, the best way is to pair it with the right food. Caffè Vergnano has been side by side the wine area from Eataly's first day but with the new look of the Enoteca, it also attained a bit of refurbishing giving it more fluidity in harmonizing with the wines.

The Osteria is the dining area where there will be a periodic change of guest chefs and their respective restaurants to give everyone the possibility to have a wide gastronomic view of their kitchens. Great wine and delectable food, what more can you ask for?

If you have any inquiries about wine or in a doubt about which bottle to choose, the Enoteca will also be at your service daily from 14:00 to 16:30. By sending your message at WhatsApp (+39 348 2317804), a wine expert will answer your questions directly.

I have to say that the new platform of the Enoteca is more interactive and compelling. By mixing everything from imparting knowledge from wine experts, giving the possibility to try out the wines by the glass, great food by important chefs and providing the availability of big producers down to the smaller scale, the wine experience you get is 360 degrees.

Eataly Rome

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
00154 Rome, Italy
(Metro B: Fermata Piramide)
+39 0690279201
Open daily from 9:00 to 24:00

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