Ristorante Trippini in Civitella Del Lago (Umbria), Italy

Ristorante Trippini, I still have vivid memories of the breathtaking view that greeted me when I entered the restaurant. The restaurant's layout is done in a way that the guests can have full visual access to the panoramic window that covers the entire wall that overlooks Corbara Lake and the Tiber Valley. On a beautiful day, it's hard to extract your attention away from the scenery. Until the plates of Chef Paolo Trippini start to arrive on the table.

At Ristorante Trippini, you can get the best of the two worlds of Umbria in one sitting. The stunning landscape and the rich gastronomy. Its proximity to Rome makes it an ideal place to discover a part of Umbria. Civitella del Lago is a small ancient Roman town that has an elevation of 476 meters and dominates the artificial lake of Corbara. For that, the position is a great terrace in viewing the magnificent view below it.

In 1964, Ristorante Trippini found its home under the name Da Peppe Se Pappa that was run by Giuseppe and Giulia, Paolo Trippini's grandparents. It was a simple village trattoria that was famous for its grilled meat and homemade pasta dishes. It evolved into a restaurant that gained recognition from Italian food guides in 1973 when Adolfo Trippini and his wife Angela, Paolo's parents, took over. By 1979, the identity of the restaurant was changed to Ristorante Trippini. In 2006, Paolo took over after his studies and professional kitchen experiences both in restaurants in Italy and abroad.

Paolo Trippini continues to cook what was handed down to him by his father, Adolfo. A cuisine that is rooted firmly to tradition but with openness to creativity and innovation. The restaurant continues to accumulate recognition in the gastronomic world including the important Restaurant of the Year Award on the Bibenda Guide in 2009. In 2015, it became a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe (JRE), an association of restaurants worldwide that brings together the best representatives of high cuisine where the chefs' passion for food and distinction are accentuated. At present, he teaches cooking courses at Gambero Rosso and he is also maintaining another restaurant at Hotel La Badia in Orvieto (Italy).

Ristorante Trippini has an ample menu that's rich in Umbrian aromas and flavors that is uniquely enhanced by the expertise of Paolo. It's a thorough walk on the Umbrian soil, with its particular tastes amalgamated with diverse and unexpected flavors. The surprising side of gastronomy takes out the adventurous side of our palates and at Ristorante Trippini, expect to be indulged in optimum neoteric gastronomy.

The entries in the menu are quite enticing but if you are undecided, go for the tasting menus with a variation of number of tasting dishes and the possibility to pair them with wines selected for each dish. Ore Dodici: 2 tasting dishes (€25), Tradizione: 4 tasting dishes (€40) with 3 wines for pairing (+€15), Proposto dello Chef: 5 tasting dishes (€50) with 5 wines for pairing (+€25), La Nostra Storia: 7 tasting dishes (€75), A Mano Libera: 10 tasting dishes (€90).

Ristorante Trippini

Via Italia, 14
Civitella del Lago - Baschi (TR), Italy
Tel: +39 07 44950316
Email: info@ristorantetrippini.it

Open everyday for lunch and dinner except Mondays

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