Vanilla Pear Rum Cocktail

What strikes me most about this cocktail is the aroma that emanates from the combination of ingredients. It smells beautiful, fresh and healthy. With vanilla, pears, clementines and fresh thyme (if you are able to get a few sprigs), you are in for a festive cocktail that's almost as fresh as summer with winter ingredients. Adjust the amount of rum according to the strength you want. The quantity I put in the recipe is not too strong because this kind of cocktail is great during the day, maybe while waiting for lunch to be ready, something that is enjoyable that does not give a strong kick.

When the whirlwind of flavors take you for a spin, it makes sipping on this drink as pleasurable as it smells. When I was thinking of making this cocktail, I was thinking of something sweet and feminine, something that goes with vanilla sweetened with honey. Being at their peak this season, clementines and pears are natural candidates that I put together. The thyme added an herbal spark. All the ingredients I used are fresh to make it as healthy as possible. Enjoy this simple aromatic drink as much as I enjoyed it.

For the Vanilla Pear Rum Cocktail recipe, you can get it at Thanksgiving, a site where I create Thanksgiving (but also for any occasion) recipes. 

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