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03 December 2015

One-Pot Chorizo Shrimp Rice

If I have chorizo and shrimp everyday, I would make this every single day. That's how much I love this one-pot meal. I may be biased because I am totally nuts about chorizo but when I make this, even my whole family gives me the thumbs up. So yes, it is a unanimous opinion of kids and adults. This definitely counts as a quick and easy recipe to be kept in the file of ideas in everyone's kitchen. It takes about half an hour (35 minutes in the recipe) to make, all in one pot (hurray!) where you put all the ingredients at the same time, cover and wait until all the water has been absorbed. Do keep in mind that rice expands so think about space for growth in the pot.

This also counts as a complete healthy meal because you have the rice, shrimp and peas drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Although chorizo may not be considered as a healthy ingredient, its main purpose is to give the flavor as all three main ingredients are light in tastes. Don't skip the lemon because it is the second ingredient that gives the lovely citrus aroma. Squeeze a bit to add some fresh lemon juice or just leave the lemon slices to cook with the whole dish as it imparts a little of its juice from the pulp and oil from its skin. Do remember to use untreated ones so that your food doesn't absorb any unwanted chemicals used to treat them before picking from the trees. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do.

For this One-Pot Chorizo Shrimp Rice recipe, you can get it at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. If you like this one, you can also check out my Profile Page there for more recipe ideas.  

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