2-Ingredient Baked Pork Chops

It's that period again when everyone is stuck in traffic jams, the commercial centers are crawling with Christmas shoppers, there are the kids' recitals to attend, parties here and there, haircuts to be done, food shopping to accomplish and just about anything that has to be done that's squeezed in one single period. Christmas period is festive but behind the festivities is a lot of work (and stress) to deal with. Until now, my family and I are running around meeting appointments and trying to accomplish things we need done. I am also guilty of still not having put up the Christmas tree. I know, we are just seven days shy from the big day. We will have to put it up this weekend. I promise.

With all the rush going on in our house, I really don't have the time to cook elaborate dishes for our lunches and dinners especially in this period. My son goes home for a very quick lunch then goes to another school in the next town for his afternoon schooling. Then both of my kids go home together with the school bus very late in the afternoon, just in time for an early dinner then they are off to bed. This year is designed like that for us with free times shoved to the minimal amount. And this holiday season has been extra strenuous but like we swore at the beginning, we will do it with the right planning and precision with our time. With the quick, easy and simple meals I had been preparing, we move on. I had been sharing some of them lately because I believe that I am not alone in this kind of lifestyle. So if you are looking for dishes that are very easy to put together, then this is another one to take note of.

I love pork chops when they are just cooked because that is the moment when they are at their tenderest. Since I want to make them less fat as possible, I just sprinkle some rock salt on them then bake them in the oven with nothing else. They come out very tasty and tender as soon as they come out of the oven and I serve them with potatoes, rice or salad. The kids love them too!

You can get the 2-Ingredient Baked Pork Chops recipe at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. If you want to see other recipes I created for them, you can also check out my Profile Page there. Enjoy your Friday and the weekend ahead!

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