One-Pot Brandy Chicken and Mushrooms

We all love a pot of home cooked dish with loads of flavor in it but the long-standing obstacle to having one is always the question of time. Do we have the time? I usually don't but if I can clone myself then maybe I can hack it. Working from home may be the most comfortable job there is but it doesn't mean that I have all the time to accomplish everything either. With two kids and a dog, imagine how chaotic the house can be after the three of them decide to play together, which is practically the whole time they are on their feet.

I like experimenting with flavors but with a family to feed, I often stay within the comfort zone of flavors. They have to be familiar to the kids and friendly to their taste buds. I usually put together chicken and potatoes which is a universal favorite of kids. In this dish, I added brandy to make the chicken taste more special before I put the rest of the ingredients together in one pot and made it simmer for an hour. I made the alcohol evaporate first before I added all the ingredients. That way, the flavor remains and only a minuscule amount of alcohol remains. The only real work in this dish is the cooking of the chicken with the brandy at the initial part. After that, you can leave it alone for an hour. 

If you want to stick to familiar tastes, I highly recommend this dish for the whole family. It can be a good idea for a weeknight meal but do keep in mind that it takes about an hour of cooking. You can get this One-Pot Brandy Chicken and Mushrooms recipe at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. If you want to see more of my recipes there, check out my Profile Page. Have a great day!

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