Savory Bacon, Egg and Cheese Oatmeal Bowl

With oatmeals, it's either you love them or hate them. Let me tell me which side I am on.  I am on the love side while the rest of my family - siblings, parents, husband and kids never shared (and still don't) my enthusiasm in having a warm bowl of this wonderful, healthy groats. I was the strange one who loves a warm bowl of chocolate or plain oatmeal in the morning while the rest have their more interesting breakfasts. But I don't keep myself from enjoying a big world of other combinations of ingredients that I can add to my oatmeal bowls. Most of the time, I go for sweet blends especially fruits but in some moments, savory oatmeal breakfasts are actually great alternatives. Mix it with crunchy pancetta (or bacon), cheese and eggs and enjoy a savory kind of oatmeal.

I remember how my mother would eat her oatmeal half-heartedly while I kept her company and I eat mine with gusto. Her nutritionist always included a bowl of oatmeal as part of her dietary regimen. If eaten regularly, oatmeals are actually very good  because they help lower the blood cholesterol. Oats are high in carbohydrates and fibers making it ideal for people who are physically active like the athletes. The water-soluble fiber content encourages slow digestion and stabilizes blood glucose levels.

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