Sautèed Tofu and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce

The local fruit and vegetable vendor seems to have a bright smile everytime his shop is full of shoppers. True, for economic reason, that is a probably the best reason behind that curved angle but I think there is more to that amused smile than just good business. He seems to be the kind of person who likes to promote good health and good food through what he knows best - the fresh vegetables and fruits that he is selling every single day. I have a feeling that if doesn't need to pay his bills, he will stuff all our bags with fresh produce that we can cook and feed our families with - for free!

When it comes to Asian food, this is one of the vegetarian dishes that is a big favorite. I don't have so many dishes where I use tofu but when I do have one, I promise you, it's a good one to keep on repeating. I have been cooking this recipe for as long as I can remember. It doesn't need too much - just a variety of fresh vegetables that you can also change sometimes if you can't find them all, a block of tofu and the usual Asian condiments which are soy sauce, sesame oil & seeds, oyster sauce & lime (replace with lemon if you don't have one). It has a simple Asian blend of flavors with tofu and crispy vegetables. Eat with steamed white rice like in Asia to enjoy it more.

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