Spicy Asian Salad with Tofu, Peanuts and Shrimp

It may not compare to a tender, juicy beef burger but it can go down smoothly to a much better digestion and abundant nutrients backing up every single forkful that you eat. Shrimp, tofu and and fresh salad leaves. That is a very healthy choice that your body would probably be thankful for right now. And it has exciting blends of flavors too. If you love Asian food, then hop right in and find out how good this salad is.

I create and eat a lot of salads and I find that putting them together is as much fun as eating them. Decades ago, I remember my Mom "suffering" whenever she had to eat salads because she had been following certain diets to lose weight. Because of that, I always thought that salads were insipid and unpleasant. Instead, now that I am running my own kitchen at home, I found out that salads are actually one of the best dishes that we can have and that they are not boring as my Mom thought they were. I wish I can take back time and feed her some really amazing salad dishes that I had been having. I am quite sure that she would love this because she loves shrimp and tofu.

Where I grew up, shrimp come in abundance. In fact, back in the day, I remember some neighbors in our beach house going out early in the evening with lights strapped on their foreheads with small nets and buckets in their hands to gather some shrimp for grilling. That's how fresh they can be sometimes. In this salad, I put together common Asian ingredients like tofu, peanuts, sesame, ginger and miso. The miso dressing is the key to the beautiful flavors of this salad. 

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