Baked Coconut Shrimp

These shrimp have the hearty notes of a tropical island. I can imagine the sun, sand and the sea and I can also smell the coconut. Coconut and shrimp are two of the biggest representatives of tropical islands because they grow there in abundance with superior quality. These shrimp are simply coated with the coconut along with some Panko then baked in the oven. And the lime - don't forget to include it because it gives a much better taste. It is more aromatic than lemons so if you can, try not to substitute with this recipe.

I love shrimp. Period. And my whole family loves them too. But its the kind of food that I cannot serve at home as often as I would like to because they cost a lot. I love them freshly caught from the wild and we have a fishmonger in another town who sells them in very reasonable prices (they keep on changing depending on the season) with excellent fresh quality. However, I also discovered that deep-frozen fish from the fishing boats themselves have excellent quality too and they cost much less than the fresh ones. I read that they can even be better than the fresh ones because they are frozen immediately after being caught in the ocean.

When making this recipe, make sure that the shrimp you are using are very good, whether they are fresh or frozen, because they are the protagonists in this simple dish with minimal ingredients. It's the kind that gives you the possibility to taste every single ingredient in every bite so that good shrimp counts a lot. You might want a dip or you might just skip it like what I do with this recipe because it is already tasty to stand on its own and there's no need to cover up the delicious flavors that you will have in every bite.

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