Skinny Taco Lettuce Boats

Having Taco Lettuce Boats is fun because it's like a mini buffet of taco ingredients. You fill up your own according to the size of your lettuce and how much you can bite on it without having your dinner falling all down on your plate once again. There should be a certain trick to learn how to eat these kinds of food with finesse. You know, make a decent small bite without dirtying anything that your compass directs - north, south, east and west. Gawd, if you happen to dirty even your tablemate's plate, then let me shake your hand because you are worse than me! I am still in the process of learning to eat this without making the table look like a 2-year old ate on it.

To make things on the skinny side, or rather on the less calories, less fat and less cholesterol side, I used turkey instead of other kinds of meat. Turkey is also high in lean protein. So yes, it should be our right kind of meat if we want to make things healthy and light. And on another nicer note, I used fresh lettuce leaves in place of the taco shells. It's something that I have already seen around and I always made mental note of making it at home too. While the kids have fun preparing them (uhhmm, just how do you disguise the lettuce into something less healthy-looking?), Mom would have fun picking all the ingredients everywhere (including the wall I am sure).

Because I grew up eating tacos that have a certain Asian side to it, I love using soy sauce mixed with the meat instead of salsa like how it should be. If you are Mexican, please don't be offended. With the mixture of fresh tomatoes and onions with shredded cheese, my, I love these taco boats. I can eat so much in one sitting. It's a good thing the ingredients are non-fattening. You can have these Taco Lettuce Boats as appetizer or as a meal already (just eat more!).

For this Skinny Taco Lettuce Boats recipe, please get it at Skinny Ms., a site dedicated to healthy eating and where I create recipes. Buon appetito!

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