Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Because it is summer, we should be eating light and fresh things. I often hear that in the radio, the television, shops and even in the streets. It's a friendly seasonal reminder that I cannot possibly miss unless I start staying in a cave. I don't dislike it. I actually love hearing it (even in my sleep) because eating healthy and wise is something that I am teaching to my own kids too or to anyone who would listen.

With healthy eating, I try to educate my children in differentiating good and bad food. In my house, it is not purely good food. We also have junkies floating around the hands of my kids and the cupboards and we also eat at fast food places like any other families. The only thing I want is that my kids know the importance of the frequency of when to have good and bad food and the reasons why they are considered bad food.

Making kids eat cucumbers is a long shot for any parent. Mine didn't like them but my husband and I did. With 4 ingredients on the table, you can create these really simple open-faced sandwiches. You can use fresh vegetables like what we should be doing on summer on a very light snack, appetizer or even a meal, however you want to take it. For me, these mini sandwiches are perfect with a glass of white wine. So put aside the heavier things and let's go light and easy this time.  

You can find the recipe of this Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches at Skinny Ms., a site dedicated to healthy living where I create recipes.

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