Hotel Monticello in Tagaytay City, Philippines

When the heat is too intense in Manila, Tagaytay City is the answer because of its proximity to Manila, the temperature is slightly lower (cold even on some months), and there's the great view of Taal Volcano to admire. I won't even mention the restaurants and amusement parks mushrooming everywhere. It's a playland to those who love to eat, relax and spend quality time with the kids. After all, it is one of the top weekend quick getaway places of everyone. 

Tagaytay City used to be just the place you pass by when traveling between Manila and Batangas because it is smacked right in the middle. It is where we used to stop by for a quick break at Mushroom Burger before continuing the journey back home. Don't ask me how old I am! After revisiting it again after so many years, imagine my shock at seeing big residential buildings, sprawling malls, big amusement parks, hotels and restaurants lining the roads. Gone were the fields of grass and pineapples. I was pushed back on my seat with surprise. I have been gone too long.

It's a new city that I had to get accustomed to, having more availability of things to choose from. If you come from the Mushroom Burger age like I did, you would understand that there was practically nothing in that beautiful, fresh city before. I did spot some old timers that were refurbished. Everything was new and fortunately Tagaytay City was one of the places I included in my month and a half long vacation in the Philippines.

There are a number of hotels in the area as I have noticed when I was going through them while in Italy. Hotel Monticello is a new hotel that just had its soft opening early this year. It has a beautiful interior, temperature-controlled lap pool and kiddie pool and a nice green area. It's perfect for families like mine with two active kids.

In the area of the swimming pools (where we spent most of time), the kids can safely swim in the kiddie pool while you relax with a drink or eat al fresco. A pool, kids shrieking with enjoyment and a drink in hand epitomizes a wonderful family vacation doesn't it?

And to have a peaceful entertaining night, Hotel Monticello also has Roma Piano Bar where you can have some drinks while someone plays the piano and sings on weekends (do check the schedule first with them).

Cafè Mercedes, the main restaurant, is open from breakfast until dinner.  A number of pasta dishes are served, along with soups, meat dishes, sandwiches and desserts.

Pictured above are Crispy Pork Confit and Grilled Baby Back Ribs.

And these pasta dishes are Spaghetti con le Vongole and Penne alla Puttanesca.

And yes, while vacationing in the Philippines, I never skip scoops of Ube (purple yam) Ice Cream.

At Monticello, important events can be booked too at their Via Grand Ballroom. With the glass chandeliers and the Philippe Starck Louis Ghost-inspired chairs, imagine how glittery and contemporary your party can be.

In total, the hotel has 41 rooms, 6 of which are suites with master bedrooms, sitting rooms, verandas and two bathrooms each. There are also rooms with superior king and twin rooms with veranda and superior quad rooms with 4 beds.

Pictured above is the Superior Quad Room while below are the Deluxe Twin Room.

Pictured below are the Superior Twin and Superior King Rooms.

For the bigger families, penthouse suites are available and they go with the Italian names Emilia-Romagna, Firenze, Duomo, Capri, Bellagio and Amalfi. All of them have master bedrooms plus 2 daybeds, 2 bathrooms, dining areas and verandas.

For a weekend getaway or staycation as it is becoming popularly known in the Philippines now, Hotel Monticello can be your perfect base to spend quality time with your family and even friends with the unmistakable cool Tagaytay breeze and delicious food you can find in and around the hotel. If your kids are into swimming, like mine, the heated pool for them is perfect. My family and I enjoyed our stay here and I hope you will too. It's time to check out this beautiful new hotel!