Roasted Zucchini and Shrimp Salad with Miso Dressing

One thing that I always do in summer is cut down my cooking to lessen the heat at home. The heat of cooking in full summer makes me feel like staying inside the oven myself. It's hard to breathe! I would usually go for fresh ingredients that I can just put together in a plate. Summer means we digest less and we should eat less food than we are used to like in winter. I include more fresh vegetables and fruits, lots of salad and seafood. That would have to be the base of my ideal summer menu. After all, it's bikini time once again so let's take out all the fresh things and stay healthy and fit.

If there is a plate of salad that I can recommend to you that you should really try, I would say this one. It is really, really good. However, there is cooking involved but don't drop the recipe that fast because once you try it, you wouldn't mind the fact that you used your oven and grill. The summer zucchini (use whatever summer squash you can get your hands on) get roasted in the oven then the shrimp are grilled on the griddle or barbecue grill (better of course!). For the roasted peppers, use the bottled ones if you are feeling lazy. Just make sure that they are good like you can taste that they were really grilled. These three pretty much sums the entire salad. And the grand finalè is the miso dressing which goes deliciously well with the salad.

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