Croque Madame with Roquefort

The first time I encountered a croque monsieur was in college. It was in a simple, small restaurant that was not really the place where you would expect to find a French sandwich. After living and studying in the area for four years, I became a fixture in the restaurant and I have also tried every single entry in the short menu. I liked the croque monsieur and it had also been one of the favorites of everyone but it was just too heavy to eat all the time.

Later on, I found out about the female version of croque monsieur, the croque madame. It was amusing to have both male and female versions, the only difference of which is that the madame wears a hat which is the egg on top of the sandwich. It's messier to eat but definitely more delicious (if you like eggs). I love it when the warm yolk runs down my sandwich and hasten my eating before it gets cold.

As soon as this sandwich goes out of the oven and you top it with the egg, don't wait, eat it immediately (just make sure that it's not scalding hot) because it is amazing when the cheese and bechamel sauce are still warm and melted. Bon appetit!

I created this Croque Madame with Blue Cheese recipe for She Knows. From the classic, I added a simple twist that makes a load of difference. Blue cheese of any kind will work but in my case, I use roquefort to give it more French flavor. I'm quite sure that you will enjoy this. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to run to the kitchen and whip up some!

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