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29 October 2014

Steamed Ginger Pepper Fish with Coconut Leek Rice

When someone asked me if the basic diet of Asians is really fish and rice, I thought about what we really eat. It's true that rice is staple like bread is in Europe or potatoes in North America. Fish, well, I think that person was thinking more about Japanese cuisine popularized by sushi and sashimi. Whereas in the Philippines, it's inevitable not to have fish because it has more that 7,000 islands and most of the country is surrounded by water. It's a true seafood lover's paradise.

There is a good balance of meat and vegetable dishes too. And the fruit, well that's another story because I might not even be able to finish this post before I book a flight to the Philippines and stuff myself with those wonderful tropical fruits that I miss so much. I can cook Asian meals here in Italy but I cannot do magic with our quince or fig trees to bear Carabao mangoes or coconuts or all those incredible fruits I grew up with.

I had been a picky-eater when I was growing up but eventually, common sense came to me and I started to open my doors to most of the food that I refused to eat. What I love most is fish and rice. Maybe because my Mom made sure we ate more fish than meat at home. I remember that whenever she goes on a strict diet, she would have steamed fish and measured rice. The rest of the family have tastier dishes while I enjoyed jabbing on her plate then I dip the fish in my soy sauce - lemon concoction.

If the fish is fresh, the kind you get is a tasty one, and you stuff it with ginger or anything you want the fish to taste like, you can be assured that the steamed fish won't bore your taste buds at all. For the rice, I cooked it with coconut milk to create a good harmony with the steamed fish. Don't forget the sauce because that is the magic trick to seal the wonderful Asian flavors.

If you want to try this Steamed Ginger Pepper Fish with Coconut Leek Rice recipe, you can get it at She Knows. Check out my Profile Page there too to see the other recipes that I created for them. Have a good week! 

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