Swiss Chard Simple Sautè

I've decided to tackle the dreaded work of going through my kitchen and dining room drawers and cupboards. I had to get rid of the ones that I had been convincing myself I will be using for the past decade but never really touched. I think we are all like that anyway. We keep so many things at the back of our cupboards convincing ourselves that we will be using them one day but they just remain there unused. We reason out that some are too pretty or expensive to use so they are to be used only on special occasions but those occasions never arrive or some are just plain useless and it's a big a shame to throw them away. The bottom line is, we don't use them and they just clog our cupboards. This time I told myself that enough is enough. I'm cleaning up!

Half of the contents of my kitchen drawers went inside the dump. I cringed and had second thoughts when I saw the things in the garbage container but I had to face it. If I didn't use something for the past 10 years, would I ever use it in the next 10 years? No. I feel like my kitchen is starting to breathe again. There's more room now and I can actually see the bottom of my drawers. 

Since I had been after the cleaning up in my kitchen, I can only manage to cook quick and simple recipes. It's better for our health because vegetables that are cooked fast can still retain their nutrients. For this occasion, I would like to share this Swiss Chard Simple Sautè recipe (get the recipe from the link) that I created for Skinny Ms. Swiss chards are rich in Vitamins C, A and K and a lot more other nutrients. Let's eat simple and healthy food!

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