Rum Raisin Pancakes with Rum Syrup

There are times when I wake up in the morning with an intense craving for pancakes. And since the craving lasts long until the middle of the day, I sometimes end up sitting down with my pancakes in the afternoon. It takes more time and work in making them than eating them but that is what the real joy of eating is. Creating the food from scratch and finally looking at the beautiful plate of joy in front of you.

I have a certain weakness for pancakes. It's evident from the number of different combinations I already made. I go with the available ingredients that I have at the moment when I create new flavors and every single flavor is a blast to the palate. My current favorite is this one. Rum and raisins combined are flavors that speak perfection for me. I love everything with them thrown together, especially ice cream, and a Boozy Banana Rum Raisin Smoothie recipe that I just made which I had to literally put the blender away from my reach because I was drinking too much!

If you are scared of getting drunk with the rum involved in preparing these pancakes, don't be, because from what I've read over the internet, the alcohol in alcoholic drinks used for cooking evaporates up to about 85% and the remaining 15% I guess (no article says anything about the remaining) goes to the taste in the food. The rum syrup is fantastic. I even dribble it on ice cream. The pancake batter has very minimal rum to give a very slight flavor, that the raisins dominate anyway. I absolutely love these pancakes. 

I created the Rum Raisin Pancakes with Rum Syrup recipe for She Knows and you can get it there. Check out also my Profile Page containing other recipes I created for them. Have a good day!

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