Margherita Pizza with Rice Crust

Because rice is foremost in my daughter's very limited gastronomic selection, I always had to think rice. She got both sides of her heritage with her favorite choice of food. She loves white rice which she got from her Philippine side then sprinkled with Parmigiano Reggiano and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil which shows her Italian side. It's a fight at times to make her try other kinds of food but like all kids, even us at that age anyway, food choices are erratic. One day we love eggs and the next day we cannot even look at them. I am just waiting for that day to arrive like it did with my older son who now has matured in his choices of food and doubled the quantity he eats!

This kind of pizza exists in the south of Italy. The recipes vary but the idea is that the pizza dough crust gets replaced with rice. This is exactly what I wanted to try with my daughter. Since her favorite pizza is margherita and the base is made of rice, then this is perfectly in line with her taste.

I remember when I was baking this, both kids were playing and when they smelled the unmistakable aroma of pizza, they both excitedly asked me if I was making pizza. Sudden doubt crossed their faces because they didn't see me kneading any dough in the kitchen. The secret was out, I told them it was made of rice this time and it was something new to try.

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