Pan Fried Brandy Chicken and Potatoes with Balsamic Vinegar

With my son out with his Boy Scout troop the whole day and my daughter staying with her nonna (grandmother), my husband and I found ourselves alone on a beautiful Sunday morning. Because free days are rare for us, we treat those days with special things to do. Like going to food fairs or dining out where we can have the luxury of tasting our food without gulping down everything. When the kids are young, you develop this skill of swallowing the food in 3 seconds without even realizing what you just ate. Then as they grow older, those 3 seconds become longer and a window of tasting the food opens when your tastebuds start working again. Hello food!

Having 4 different tastebuds rolling in my house, it's quite a struggle to please all these in one dish. That's because one eats something but the other one refuses to touch it while another one prefers something else. It's understandable. We are not done the same way and our preferences vary but it doesn't mean that I can continue cooking up a storm every single meal to please everyone. One dish that we all agree on is chicken and potatoes. I already have a number of chicken and potato recipes to give variety to what we eat and I continue to create new recipes to change things a bit. 

So this time, brandy, balsamic vinegar and sage are the condiments I used in flavoring the chicken and potatoes. There's a subtle hint of brandy and while you almost can't taste  the balsamic vinegar, I think it boosts the overall taste more. The sage also gives a touch of herb flavor. Since it's flowering season, I also added some sage flowers to the dish. If you are not using your herb flowers, use them while they are out and fresh. They are lovely to use in salads and other dishes.

I created this Pan Fried Brandy Chicken and Potatoes with Balsamic Vinegar recipe for She Knows so you will find the recipe there. My Profile Page at She Knows has a lot of other recipes and a few travel articles so hop on there if you are curious.

Below are some of the pictures I took on our Sunday out at the Agri Country Festival in Trevignano Romano, just a few kilometers outside Rome. It had been a short but well-spent time out discovering the local products of the area. Walking around tasting the different kinds of cheese, wines, artisan beers, hazelnut pastes and preserved mixtures for crostini or pasta had been a wonderful gastronomic experience as always.

Hanging prosciutto. Locally made prosciutto sliced by hand is a gastronomic experience all on its own. It's slow but how I love watching the uneven prosciutto slices come out one by one.

Well, cheese doesn't need prodding in being tried. I am very partial to the aged ones but I don't close my doors to the semi-aged or fresh ones too. But it's rare for me to try fresh cheeses. This time,  tried a 3-day old fresh cheese with lemon (wow!) and an aged one which was great as well but the lemony one was unforgettable.

Not only where there food and wine, but there were also outdoor living stuff like tractors, garden furniture, things for dogs, horses and a whole lot more. It was a big exhibition set on top of a hill that overlooks Bracciano Lake. Beautiful!


Wishing you all a good week ahead. See you again in the next post!