Fruit Sushi

Fun. That was what I was thinking of when I was thinking of making them, while I was making them and after I made them. I love sushi so much and recreating them in mock fruit versions had been fulfilling. Since I develop recipes full time, working becomes redundant at times but there are some recipes that lift me out from the monotonous daily routine like these fruit sushi.

What did the kids say? They gasped in awe and to make things funny, my son took a photo with his camera and my daughter with my husband's phone. Like Mommy. It's one of the best compliments they gave me. It's amazing how much we influence them with how we are. They are like little copies of us.

Strawberry and Kiwi Sushi Balls

Influenced by onigiri (Japanese rice balls), I tried this shape for these sushi. With the help of some plastic wrap, I managed to shape them to balls, perfectly compact to hold their shapes well. Just make sure that the slices of the fruits are very thin and use a plastic wrap exclusively for the strawberries only because they leave a red stain. To go to the recipe of the Strawberry and Kiwi Sushi Balls, you will have to head to She Knows where my recipe is located.

Strawberry Sushi Rolls

They do look like real sushi don't they? This is the most popular shape that we all know. When I think of sushi, this image comes to my mind immediately. I used a sushi rolling mat to make them. Just be sure to sure the correct kind of rice to make sure they will remain compact. Sushi rice works perfectly or Arborio can also work but try to avoid Basmati because it's too loose.

Banana and Peanut Butter Sushi Rolls

This is the easiest recipe among the 3. Flavorwise, they are also richer. Peanut butter, bananas, coconut & chocolate? Well what is not to like there? It tends to be a tad too sweet if you make the banana slices long because you have to fill them up with peanut butter. I quartered a long banana and I thought that the slices still needed to be trimmed down so I think about 1-1/2 inches should work. When you move them, the peanut butter tends to stick (and remain) on the plate because it's sticky while the bananas are slippery. Support the bottom part of the sushi when moving or eating them.

I think one of the most fundamental aspects of cooking is enjoying it. It's something that we lose at times (maybe most of the time even) because we do it everyday, twice or even three times a day, seven days a week. I am one of the people who practically lives in the kitchen and if I'm not there, I'm in front of the computer. When I put together the ingredients of these sushi on the table, I told myself, let your hair down, create something beautiful and have fun. I did and I hope you enjoy the fruits of one of my most enjoyable times in the kitchen. Enjoy your weekend!


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