3 Fruity Kid-Friendly Mocktails for Summer Sipping

We finally started fixing outside the house again. Winter is officially finished, even if at times, even today, I found myself wrapped in my winter jacket. Everyday, the temperature changes from hot to cold and vice versa giving me the chance to take my time in switching the winter clothes to lighter ones. I still haven't done that work yet and I am dreading it! I know that once I do that herculean job of putting away the heavy clothes for cottons and linens, I would search for those light wool sweaters again.

But soon, pretty soon, the warm spring days (and summer!) will be here and we can finally set up the table outside and enjoy the warmth without layers of clothing still covering us from head to toe. There is the summer vacation of the kids which requires more time for them. We would definitely stay outdoors most of the time and they will be wanting more fresh drinks to sip. And the battle with the soda pops will commence again. This time, I am armed with more fruity drinks to win their attention away from them. All three drinks are kid tested they all pass the kid exam, especially the non-alcoholic strawberry margarita was given the highest rate.

Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Margarita

I have to admit. Not only did this win the kids' hearts but also the adults'. Maybe because we are a strawberry-lover family or maybe it's just really straight to the point good. No surprises here. When you see the ingredients, you can already imagine how it would taste like. Like strawberry cold heaven. If you are also a berry lover, then cheers! You will love this one!

Green Apple and Pineapple Mock Mojito 

It's like pineapple juice but it's not. That's how my son describes it. It's because there's green apple too which alters the taste a bit, plus other little tinges of flavors from the other ingredients. It's a lovely drink, especially when you drink it cold.

Blueberry and Grapefruit Spritzer

It's delicious, that's the first thing I can say. I can drink buckets of this and enjoy every sip I make. It's the grapefruit soda that holds the power of taste here. If the strawberry margarita is filling, this one really refreshes.

I made all of these recipes for She Knows so if you are interested in making them, you can find the 3 Fruity Kid-Friendly Mocktails for Summer Sipping there. My Profile Page also has a lot of other recipes and some travel articles.