Pancit Bihon

I am home! When my feet touched the Italian ground with the resonating noisy chatter of conversations around me with the familiar language, I suddenly realized how I missed Italy. It had been exactly 10 days that I had been away. My husband picked me up at the crowded airport and instinct told me where to look because I immediately spotted him amidst the flow of people. Slowly, during the day, as my family was completed, picking the kids up from school, I felt the completeness of having a home to feel settled into. Home is not just a place, it can also be important people or food that make you feel rightly in place.

The Philippines is my other home, where I grew up, where I was shaped into the person that I am now and where I hold fond two and half decades of my life. A big part of my memories is food (don't I always attach everything with food?) and this rice noodle dish is quite significant to me and the rest of the country. It's a traditional dish, loved by everyone (I have yet to meet someone who says otherwise.), even the ones with the non-Filipino palates. It is present in all traditional birthday celebrations (sometimes spaghetti replaces it) because in every birthday, it's important to serve and eat something long that signifies long life. 

This is one of the dishes that my family loves. A classic one would have some pork and shrimp and taste a bit tastier but at home, I use the white meat of the chicken instead and use its broth to cook the noodles with. It cuts down the taste by a quarter but it's a healthier version and I keep it to make it lighter. Eating pancit bihon requires the boost of a few drops of fish sauce mixed with lemons if you want a stronger taste. 

You can get the recipe at She Knows by clicking on this link. If you want to see more of my work there, click on this link. Have a wonderful week everyone! I just came back from Georgia and starting to get on with my routine. I will be sharing stories and photos of one beautiful country soon. I'm sure you will love Georgia just like how I do.