French Fry & Hotdog Pizza

I don't need to ask my kids what they want when we are seated in a pizzeria. Pizza with French Fries and Hotdogs is always the choice. Well, they do sometimes switch to Pizza Margherita when I insist for a little bit of change or Pizza with Sausage and Potatoes or Broccoli but the top choice is always the one with the interesting toppings. After all they are kids. Maybe I would have ordered the same pizza if I was their age too so I let them be.

Based on the typical pizza with french fries and hotdogs, I decided to make it richer with ingredients and flavors. It's a glutton's dream, a fully loaded pizza that will make you want for more with every single slice you eat. It's something that you should eat on those occasions when you just want to dig in and just enjoy eating. Those days happen and when they do, you just want to eat everything that you have been avoiding to eat. I have those days and I just close my eyes and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I added bacon (or in my case, I used pancetta), two kinds of cheese, tomato sauce and well, you should check out the full recipe at She Knows where it is published. There, you can find the recipe for the tomato sauce that is good for pizzas and pasta dishes too. It's the basic tomato sauce that I have been using for years. If you also feel like creating your own pizza from scratch, the recipe is also there. 

I create recipes for them and this pizza is one of them. If you like this recipe, you can  check out my profile page where I have a list of other diverse recipes and some travel articles.

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