Easy Individual Ice Cream Cakes

These ice cream cupcakes were inspired by the clay molding toys of my daughter. A few months ago, she was totally immersed in molding clays to cakes, sandwiches, pasta, pizza and other edible things in miniscule scale. Her work reminds me of the Japanese chef, Hironori Ikeno who specializes in making tiny sushi.  She works in sheer concentration in the playroom every afternoon and after each little masterpiece, she comes running to me asking me if I want some. She serves her clay food on trays complete with table napkins and cutlery like a perfect little lady.

Because I am always after time, my recipes reflect that. I cook simple, quick to prepare and nutritious food for my family. To prepare elaborate dishes is a rarity for me so for now, I am sticking to what time I usually have.

These individual ice cream cupcakes work best when there are little guests around because they are cute (I never thought I'd ever use that word on food!) and you can play it up with different kinds of sprinkles. If you have kids, they can even give you a hand in preparing them especially the sprinkling part. If you are having a party, you can prepare them the day before then just add the fresh mint as an additional garnish (optional) right before serving. That's what I do and I never get stressed in scooping the ice cream right at the moment of serving.

If you are interested in finding out how to prepare it, go to the Easy Individual Ice Cream Cake Recipe at She Knows. You can also see my other recipes and some travel articles at my Profile Page at She Knows. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

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