Fried Caramelized Plantain Skewers with Dark Chocolate Nutella Sauce

Care to have a few more calories in one bite? I promise you, it's all worth it. Think plantains - fried then coated with melted sugar THEN dipped in dark chocolate and Nutella sauce. It's magic! I already love the caramelized plantains but when dipped in the super chocolaty sauce, well, that's another story.

Let me tell you something about these bananas. This recipe was influenced by my gastronomic street indulges in the Philippines. There, banana cues, as they are locally called, can be often bought in the streets and are treated as snacks. They are inserted whole or halved in skewers. They are also cooked at home but for some reason, the street vendors make them much better! Originally, the bananas used are saba bananas, the sweet cooking bananas that are indigenous in the Philippines. They can also be eaten raw because that's what I used to do as a child. I love them both cooked and raw.

Like a lot of my recipes, this one comes from my childhood, with an additional yummy factor, the dark chocolate and Nutella sauce dip. Saba bananas are hard to find outside the Philippines so I replaced it with plantains. If you get a hold of the saba, then it's a perfect fit (and you are lucky and I envy you!) but if you have the plantains, they are wonderful just the same. Just make sure that they are ripe and yellow. 

It's really wonderful to just drown in these plantains, dark chocolate & Nutella flavors. You might want to give your time to this one because it's something that requires your attention. You will love it, I promise you!

Get my recipe at She Knows by clicking on this link. If you want to see my other recipes, click on my profile page there. I hope you enjoy it! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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