Chocolaty Nutella & Pistachio Pastries

Social networks make our worlds smaller and accessible. If not for these networks, how much friendships could have been lost and just remembered as being part of our lives once? Once in our life. But this doesn't happen anymore especially with Facebook keeping us all connected to our past and present. I have reconnected with so many people from my past and it's a wonderful feeling to pick up the pieces of what we have left off, even from 25 years ago.

Seeing old friends is like being comforted with the warmth of a favorite fuzzy sweater. It's old and worn out, but you are always sure that it will give you the warmth that you have always relied on. Friendships do that to us and I am grateful to have made such incredible friendships that are lasting a lifetime. And Facebook made that even more possible to reconnect. I wouldn't even be able to imagine having coffee again today with an old friend whom I haven't seen in 25 years in another country, speaking about our kids, husbands, careers and coursing through our daily routines. What do I keep on telling my son about friends? Choose them well and maybe, you will keep each other until you become old. It's always good to have a fuzzy old sweater to keep forever.

I have here some outrageously simple pastries filled with Nutella then melted to a delicious gooey filling and sprinkled with pistachios. They're perfect for breakfast or snacks especially with the kids. You can access the recipe from this link at She Knows. If you want to see the other recipes I have there, click on this link. I hope you'll enjoy this one.  Enjoy your week!