Grilled Bananas With Cinnamon and Rum Syrup

You will almost never see our kitchen fruit bowl empty. Perhaps only on those occasions when I just washed it and it's waiting to dry on the kitchen counter. It's a big crystal bowl with a peculiar shape which is actually a punch bowl if I remember right. When I saw it on display in the shop, I could already imagine how it was going to look like full of multi-colored fruits at the center of my kitchen table.  I thought that it was perfect. In fact, it has already been staying there for more than a decade.

One thing I remember when I was growing up in my parents' house is the permanence of a full fruit bowl on the kitchen table. We have moved houses a few times but my Mom never forgot putting together a fruit bowl with fresh fruits. A positive effect grew in me. I learned to associate a happy home with a full fruit bowl and when my husband and I moved in to our house, one of the first things I did was put one on the kitchen table. That completed my home.

As a parent, I am so grateful that both my kids love eating fruits. My daughter has a big limitation to the kinds she eats but she consumes them by the volume that I still don't know how her little body can store so much. My son, on the other hand, has a wider acceptance to different tastes so he eats more kinds of fruits. They eat bananas on periods, sometimes there's love and sometimes there's none. It sometimes depends on how interesting I can make the bananas.

This fruit dessert was one of those approaches to win them with the bananas but the tables turned and these wonderful sweet things won me and my husband instead. Aside from the delicious sweet smell permeating the kitchen, the warm bananas drizzled with rum syrup and cinnamon were quite a delightful experience to the palate.

I created this recipe for Stepable, a food site that I recently joined with step-by-step recipe photos to make cooking easier.  If you click on this link, you will find the recipe and pictures there. Thanks and enjoy your weekend!