Ginger Garlic Shrimp

Maybe it's because Christmas time is arriving that the price of the seafood is skyrocketing. It has to be the reason because when my husband came home with the fresh shrimp I asked him to get at the fishmonger, he also showed me the amount he paid for half a kilo (1 pound) and I was astonished. The quality was really good though but still, it makes me think how much shrimp can really cost like gold sometimes!

Christmas season or not, shrimp (and some other crustaceans) has always been a world apart in its value compared to its other counterparts. For that reason, I always make sure that everyone enjoys how I cook them because wasting the shrimp is a pity. One thing I always do is to keep it simple. Always. Our house favorite is grilling them without anything but sometimes, a little condiment here and there is also great. 

I made a simple shrimp recipe with Asian-inspired flavors. Because shrimp have to be cooked fast to get the perfect flavors, the cooking time takes under 10 minutes. Marinating takes a little bit more but over-all, it's quite a quick and easy recipe to keep in mind when you are in a hurry but would like something good and healthy.  

If you are interested in the recipe, please hop on over at Stepable. It's the new site I recently joined where you can see me with recipes to share but this time, with step-by-step photos to make cooking easier. You can check it out if you click on this link.