Salmon, Asparagus & Brie Quiche

When I was young, quiche was not a household word. If you ask someone about it, that person would look at you blankly. Perhaps even a remark of: Speak adobo or halo-halo with me, but not quiche! Moving forward after decades, most probably, almost everyone knows what it is and looks at the only person in the room who doesn't know about it with incredulous eyes and air of sophistication, remarking: You only know about adobo and halo-halo, but not quiche?   

For those unfamiliar with adobo, it is a Philippine meat dish (usually of pork, chicken, seafood or vegetables) cooked in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic. Halo-halo is a Philippine dessert served in a tall glass that's composed of shaved ice, sweetened beans, fruits & milk.

During the past decades, I remember having a slice or two of quiche lorraine in French bakeries sometimes. I always enjoyed it and since I never thought that my life would be directed to cooking, I also never thought I would be making them in my own kitchen. I just thought that I was going for the easier route - you know, eat at the restaurants. For a person who never touched any utensils in the kitchen before moving to Italy (except forks, knives and glasses), believe me, I still wonder until now how I could have possibly turned to the world of food.  It came, stayed and found its niche in my heart.

What I believed is French actually originated from another country. I was completely surprised that after researching about the quiche, I found out that historically, it's originally German. I guess you are surprised too. Let me tell you what I found out, in a nutshell. The word quiche came from the German word kuchen which means cake. It was founded in the medieval kingdom Lothringen which was under German rule, which the French changed to Lorraine later on.

I have always believed that if you put together the ingredients that you like best (considering they go well together), something wonderful will come out of it. I love the three main ingredients that I put together in this quiche and I loved the result too.

This is a recipe that I created for She Knows, where I also write. To access the recipe, please click on this link. To see the list of recipes I have there, you can also click on this link. Thanks! 

Enjoy and have a good week!