Crepes With Brie, Walnuts and Honey

I was thinking of seadas (also sebadas), that Sardinian sweet flat fritter with melted pecorino cheese inside then drizzled with honey (goes very well with cardoon honey) that you eat as soon as it goes out of the saucepan. That's when this recipe popped out from my mind. Seadas are very hard to come by in Rome. I only get to have them when my husband used to frequent Sardegna or when I stumble across a Sardinian food stall in regional food markets. It's love, I am telling you. It's a strange dessert with a combination of salty & sweet flavors but they perfectly fit together.

Even if brie does not match the taste of the Sardinian pecorino, this crepe dessert takes a character of its own. It's the meeting of melted and warm cheese with strong honey that gives the similarity but the overall taste is a world apart.

Walnuts play an integral part in the flavors of this crepe so don't look at it as just garnish. They make a difference in taste. Maybe the flax seeds can be optional. The honey that pairs well is the dark kind, maybe chestnut or cardoon. These are the kinds of honey I like pairing with cheese. 

I hope you enjoy these crepes. They're delicious, especially when they just came out from the oven when the cheese is warm and melted. It's a lovely dessert for those special dinners. You can get the recipe at She Knows where I create recipes other than my blog. Please click on this link to see it. If you want to see the list of recipes that I have there, click on this other link

Have a great mid-week!