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06 September 2013

Green Curry Chicken and Vegetables

Before, curry dishes would be the last ones that I would be picking out from a line-up of Asian dishes. I do eat them but the color and smell send me away a mile away. It's because my initiation to curry dishes was yellow curry chicken... done badly.

When it was first served to me, I remember looking at its unattractive paleness with the tips of some similarly-colored chicken parts peeking out from what seemed like curry soup. Then I got a whiff of its curry odor. It was horror at first sight. But, being an obedient child, I ate what was on the table. I barely recovered from that  first curry dinner experience. Needless to say, I avoided curry dishes after that.

Only later in my life did I discover that there are a lot of kinds of curries and much better ways to cook them. There was a whole new curry world that greeted me with open arms. With more ways to cook them and different kinds of curry to choose from, I finally enjoyed a kind of dish that is surprisingly delicious. And yes, I also found the best recipe for yellow curry chicken that fits my palate.

This green curry version is equally wonderful and I enjoyed every single spoonful! I am now a big convert. Yes, I love curry dishes!

My recipe for this curry dish can be accessed at She Knows, where I also create recipes. Please click on this link to take you there. If you want to see my other recipes in their site, click on this link. Thanks!

It's Friday, enjoy!