Chicken and Tofu Skewers With Peanut Sauce

If there's anything that needs to be categorized among the healthiest dishes, this one ranks on the top. White chicken meat, tofu, peanuts, bay leaves, grilled. Just hearing the description makes me feel rejuvenated for what I am about to eat. To be honest, I thought these skewers were going to turn out  slightly on the insipid side, but they didn't! For three reasons, I was able to give more flavors. I marinated the chicken meat overnight, I placed bay leaves alternately with the tofu & meat and the addition of the surprisingly delicious peanut sauce that until now has left an imaginary pleasant trace of delectable flavor in my mouth.

I rarely rave about a recipe that I created but this peanut sauce is extra special because I created it from scratch, from instinct and from hope that it will turn out well. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out even much better than I anticipated! I didn't know how to start making my own peanut sauce even if I love it. How strange I felt that for the first time, I didn't know how to broach the task of creating my own sauce. As I scanned the internet for ideas, all I got were peanut butter-based sauces until I saw a lone recipe using real peanuts but it had too much ingredients.  I just needed that as a confirmation that it can be done because I wanted to use real peanuts for the sauce. All the recipes I referred to used tons of ingredients but I wanted mine to be short, simple and basic. 

With the crushed peanuts in the saucepan, I gradually went forward in creating the sauce ingredient by ingredient and tasting as I progressed until I got the taste that I wanted. It was perfect! The verdict was handed to me on a silver platter when I saw my family scraping the sauce from their plates. That was enough for me to say that I got the recipe right! And my friends, if there's a need for you to have some peanut sauce, go for this one. I assure you, it's so peanuty good!

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Thanks and have a great week!