Cold Pasta Salad With Smoked Salmon, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Olives

If he goes for everything classic, then he will remain being a classic, always. My son, almost 8-years old going on 40 with his taste in food, style and what he watches. At the beginning of opening his eyes to the cartoon world, he preferred watching Mickey Mouse from the 1930s. His limit was until 1940s, no more than that. His colored and more modern cartoon preferences ended in the 1970s. Barbapapà, Pippi Calzelunghe (Longstocking) and the educational Siamo Fatti Così (Once Upon a Time... Life) which is about the different parts and functions of the body. I have to admit that whenever the episodes of Siamo Fatti Così start, I look forward to every single one of them because I, too, learn new things. I was more the "good against evil cartoon" type of kid when I was young. You know, superheroes and robots stuff. Femininity shined through!

And this kid who demands to wear suits with ties whenever we go to dinners (the only one I know), also demands that pasta dishes shouldn't be cold. Ever. Even at the peak of summer. Even if I explain to him that pasta can be eaten cold in summer. No. He's 100% classic to the core. He reminds me of his grandfather, my husband's father, who almost didn't wear other kinds of clothing in his life except suits and he had a certain strict way of eating his pasta.

So every cold pasta salad I prepare gets the heat treatment and I always wondered how my son can possibly enjoy it. This pasta salad is best eaten cold or at room temperature. It boasts of full flavors combined in one dish. It's a wonderful summer pasta salad that's simple and easy to enjoy.... COLD!

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