Sauteed Sausage and Onions With Cabernet Sauvignon

This appetizer is a fruit of reminiscing about my younger days in the company of good friends while we sit around a big table, drink beer and talk all night.  Since almost everyone had a pack of hotdogs in their refrigerators, a sauteed hotdog appetizer with ketchup and onions and other condiments was the easiest we could come up with.  "Other condiments" entails whatever condiments we find that can go with the ketchup.

I refined the ingredients more from ketchup to tomato puree mixed with a variety of condiments that I found fit for the dish.  The splash of Cabernet was an afterthought and I was so happy that it blended well with the hotdogs.  If there are pictures that rekindle fond memories of the past, there are also certain food that do the same.  Click on this link to take you to the recipe at She Knows.

I also develop recipes for and the recipes I submit to them can be accessed from their site.  I thought of sharing the sneak peek here then direct you to the recipe with a link. Step over at She Knows and check out this recipe. You can also find a list of my other recipes in their site by clicking on this link.

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